Friday, June 15, 2018

Guangzhou / Medical Check

We are now in Guangzhou, China, wrapping up the US side of our adoption. This is one of our favorite parts of the adoption trip because we get to connect with all the other families who are adopting at the same time. These families are some of the most amazing people we have ever met (both on Lainey’s trip and now). The stories we are hearing of the lives of their children “before” - are just so heartbreaking. Of course there is joy mixed in because these little ones are orphans no more — but knowing that SO many children remain just tears your heart out. One of the families we met is blogging their story online and I highly recommend checking it out -

Today we had our medical check for their entry into the US - which is just just a difficult few hours ending in a TB blood draw for most of the kiddos. :(

All of the adoptive children have some sort of medical need, and so we spent time reviewing all of that with the US Consulate medical staff. We learned since arriving here that Ivy has a (hopefully minor) bean/nut allergy. Our Ivy’s main medical conditions are that she has both a heart defect and vascular malformations on her face and neck. The scariest part of her medical conditions is that her vascular malformations / hemangioma are also inside of her mouth and throat, which could pool with blood at any time and cause her to have difficulty breathing. Today at the medical check we were able to see with the doctor to the back of her mouth, and we were sad to see clearly hemangioma in the back of her mouth. We’re just so grateful that she’s with us now, and we can get her emergency medical care if needed. But we’re praying it’s not needed!

Please pray for our girl as she continues to bond with us, and for all the families / children we are meeting!

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