Monday, August 14, 2017

White Pines Academy 2017-2018

We are heading into a new school year here at White Pine's Academy (the name we've given our little home school - with white pines all around our little bit of land). It's new territory for us - having for the first time two children to officially teach (Ezra in grade K and Canaan in grade 2). I know it will be an adjustment for us, but we'll get there. I'm so thankful to have discovered and experienced last year the beauty and freedom found in a Charlotte Mason education (with some Montessori and Waldorf in there as well). Through implementing her philosophy we have witnessed our kids make connections, grow an even deeper love for good literature, share bonding experiences, and be immersed in nature exploring, learning, and experiencing the beauty and wonder of creation up close. 

We also discovered Wild+Free this past year, and joined in the current of other families as they intentionally simplify, slow down, preserve childhood, form a rich grace-filled family culture, and strengthen relationships. This may be strange to say, but it is a magical time to be homeschooling, with Wild+Free growing rapidly and bringing light to the beauty and freedom that can be found in living this lifestyle. I have learned SO much from these Wild+Free moms, and the community is just a treasure. Doing this homeschool thing is not always easy by any means, but it's such a huge blessing to be able to live this life, and it's just the right fit for our kiddos and our family.


Wild+Free Podcast
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Read Aloud Revival
Jodi Mockabee

Narration / Main Lesson Books 
Jennifer Naraki
Last Child in the Woods (I recommend this book for any family - not just homeschoolers!)