Friday, May 25, 2018

Adoption Update

Goodness! It's been a wild few months! With the help of a medical expedite letter, we are now traveling to China to bring our baby girl home in just over 1 week! We leave June 5th!! We are so thankful to be able to take Canaan with us this time to China - primarily to help Ivy adjust and feel comfortable with us. He is so excited about the trip and is counting down the days! Ezra and Lainey are counting down too - since they will get to see family they love and get little gifts each day while we are away.

It's so crazy to think that two weeks from now we will be in Beijing, just days away from seeing Ivy for the first time and holding her in our arms. It's been such an incredible journey to her - and we are just so grateful and in awe of what God has done to make this all possible.

This adoption has been so very different than Lainey's - and even though we have done this once before, so much of it is new territory for us. Our hearts just break for our little girl - we are fully aware of how difficult this transition is going to be for her. In addition to all the medical care she will need to receive once she is home, she is also losing the foster mom, dad, and sister that she has been with for over a year, and having to adjust to new faces, English (though we do know enough Mandarin to get by), a new time zone, and just SO much change. It will be a lot for a 3 year old little heart and mind to process, and we are praying that she might have a supernatural peace through all of this.

Please pray especially for her in the next few weeks, but also for her foster parents as they say goodbye, and for us to have a safe trip free of illness and issues. Pray for us to be able to meet Ivy's needs and that she will feel safe with us and loved by us. Pray for the little ones we are leaving behind - that they would be safe and healthy as well while we are on the other side of the world for nearly 3 weeks, and for those taking care of them while we are gone!