Saturday, January 21, 2017

Adopting Again!

We are so excited to share that we are on our way to our 4th child! We have started another adoption process with Holt International, our wonderful agency who brought us to Lainey.

I took this picture a month ago - thankfully now almost all of those little boxes are checked!

We applied on November 1st, and so are so excited to finally share this news in a more public way.

In a way, this adoption is and has been a bigger leap of faith for us than last time (mostly because... FOUR kids, lol, but also because we are expecting more significant special/medical needs than Lainey's). But in other ways, it's also less of a leap of faith than last time... because we know what a blessing Lainey is. We know the deep love we have for her, and the thought that we could have missed her by saying no... I can hardly think about it without tearing up. We have confidence in knowing that our forth child, though stretching us all, will be an immeasurable blessing. And we hope of course that we might be a blessing to her as well.

We have already completed our homestudy process, and now we are working to complete our dossier - the big stack of paperwork that gets sent to Ch*na. Primarily we are waiting for our US Immigration approval, which can take a couple months to get back. After our dossier gets sent we'll start waiting for a phone call from our agency with a child referral. In the meantime, we're also closely watching our agency's list of waiting children (the waiting children are kiddos that need more advocacy because of the level of their special needs).

Please be praying:

  • For our little one who waits - for her heart and her health
  • For our child's caregivers (orphanage nannies or foster parents)
  • For our process to move forward smoothly, and for patience on our part. As we experienced before, the waiting periods can be tough.
We can't wait to share with you our journey as time goes on. If you'd like to look back on our adoption journey for Lainey, you can find that blog at

I have been asked by a couple of people about donating, so I thought I might share that we have an fundraising account with AdoptTogether (all donations are tax deductible). Click the button below to go to our profile or use this link. :)