Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Natural Brushes

Last night on our walk out back to pick blueberries, I collected a few branches and flowers to make natural brushes. I wrapped them with rubber bands and string, which worked out pretty well and the brushes were sturdy enough. It is another hot day, and I'm so grateful for a shaded deck for us to work. I think the favorite was the yellow wildflower brush. :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Adventure Club

As part of leaning into the Charlotte Mason schooling method, regular time in nature is a high priority, just like math and history. This just fits so perfectly for us and it's one of my favorite things about doing things the Charlotte Mason(ish) way. :)

A couple of our friends are also incorporating nature study into their homeschool plan, and so we decided to get together once a month this school year to spend time together outside. We're calling it "Adventure Club".

This week we met up at the Timberlakes trail for some walking, nature journaling, and weaving. It was hot, and a certain little one of mind was on the crabby side (swim lessons eliminated naps this week), but still so much fun and so sweet to see them exploring together in nature.

Papa Flies In

As a teenager, before my dad had even his driver's license, he got his pilot's license. This says to me two things: that my dad loves to fly, and my grandparents were braaaaaave! :)

My Dad about to take his first solo flight.

With Canaan and BJ out to camp for the week, the little ones were the lucky ones to get to see Papa John and Grandma Sue fly in a few weeks ago. The kids were flipping-out-excited to see them and to SIT in the plane. :)