Friday, April 28, 2017

Homeschooling + Adoption

In this season we're in, I'm finding that homeschooling is both blessing and a challenge as we work through the adoption process this time around. It gives me something concrete to focus on and it helps make the adoption wait go by a bit faster.

The difficult side is that my brain tends to get hyper-focused on one or the other and I need to remember to be on top of both. And also remember all that regular life stuff like packing school lunches, laundry, sports, making meals, etc. But I know every little thing is good, and the world won't fall apart if they eat another frozen pizza. Thankfully, last month we completed the bulk of our paperwork, sending our dossier on it's merry way to China. We were officially logged into China's system on March 27th. Woohoo!!

Overall, one of my major goals during this adoption process is to try to stay focused as much as possible on the kids I have right in front of me while we wait. It's hard... really hard to have a kid on the other side of the world that you can't get to. This kid EXISTS. Just because I haven't seen a picture, or the details of her, she is out there. I don't want to forget that. But I also don't want to miss that this is also a precious time with my current three - doing school, enjoying time together, and actually a bit of "calm". Before we know it we'll be making our plans to travel and helping our newest little one adjust. Like bringing home a newborn, there's a lot of slowing down and grace that will be required when we bring home a child whose entire life (language, comforts, culture, food, smells, bed, caregivers, time zone) has been flipped upside down and turned inside out.

We know that our lives look different than most (because of home schooling, or adopting), but we've seen the beauty in saying yes, jumping in, and doing the hard things that matter in this life. God doesn't call us to places just to disappoint us in the end or abandon us. His plans are good and perfect, and He is faithful!

One of Canaan's current passions is learning Photoshop. He's getting quite good actually!
Thankfully momma's got the skills & software for this one! 

A little salt dough mapping

Daddy came home early so he was able to jump into our "tea time" (aka, hot chocolate, cookeis, + books)

Spring is flying by!

I mean seriously. He face! I love this boy.

Ni Hao (Hello!)

Uke tuning

Pink from head to toe!