Sunday, June 17, 2018

Exploring Guangzhou

The days are all beginning to blur a bit, but basically we have been just spending time enjoying Guangzhou. We have been amazed at all the amazing spots within walking distance to our hotel that we were unaware of four years ago. There are two beautiful huge parks nearby, and an outside street market that I'm hoping to get back to with my camera. We have also checked out Shamian Island again for the food, statues, church service, and people watching. Tonight we had a dim sum with the families from our travel group, and we discovered more about the foods Ivy likes and doesn't like. Her favorites by far -- chicken feet, cow stomach, and bok choy! She ate the chicken feet to the bone!

We have also had a bonding breakthrough here in Guangzhou! Up to this point, Ivy has enjoyed being with BJ, but she wouldn’t let him hold her. Yesterday I had to be at a parent visa meeting and out of necessity left Ivy with BJ and Canaan at the pool. It turned out to be a great bonding time for them and Ivy had a blast with them in the pool. Today when we put Ivy’s suit on to swim again, she instantly jumped into BJ’s arms, ready to have more daddy time! Ivy is struggling to get in naps here with us, and it’s been the root of some major meltdowns the last couple of days. Poor girl is just so tired but won’t nap for us. We’re hoping that once we get home we can establish a better routine for her. She’s sleeping great with us at bedtime thankfully!

Tomorrow we are off to the Chimelong Safari Park! We leave for home in 5 days! We are ready!!!

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