Sunday, June 10, 2018

China - Day 5 (Arrival in Nanning)

Sunday, 8pm in Nanning, China

A few hours ago, we landed in the stunning landscape of Nanning. We are with another American couple adopting through Holt (a 2 year old little boy). We met our agency guide Vickey, and as we started on our way to the hotel she passed us our itinerary for the week, as well as updated information about our children. There was just so much new information there it was a little hard to process. The biggest piece of unexpected news is that Ivy was (because of some kind of family situation) removed from her foster family 2 months ago and placed back in the orphanage. Everything that was comfortable and familiar to her was uprooted in early April. Thankfully, the orphanage nannies have been reading the book we sent every day to her, and because she enjoyed being with her foster family, we are told that she is looking forward to being adopted and in a family again. So so much change and heavy things for a 3 ½ year old to experience and process emotionally.

We also read in her file that she has an allergic reaction to “legumes”. We are really hoping that this isn’t a strange translation trying to tell us she has a nut allergy. We’re hoping to learn more when we meet her tomorrow and can ask our questions of the orphanage workers. We also learned that when she was with the foster family, she was co-sleeping with her foster mom, but now that she's back in the orphanage she's been been back in a crib room with about 20 other children.

We learned some fun things about our girl as well! We learned that she isn’t a picky eater, and that she loves fish and buffalo milk. We know that one of her favorite snacks is roasted peas, and our guide told us that she wouldn't have been eating any snacks or treats since coming back to the orphanage. We were sure to stock up when we got here so she can have her favorite treat when she meets us! Our hotel in Nanning is attached to a huge mall, which has a Walmart in the basement - it's going to make shopping here for Ivy (to get her shoes, a stroller, etc.) really convenient!

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