Saturday, June 9, 2018

China - Day 4 (New Day)

Today we were so very blessed to be able to visit New Day foster home. After breakfast this morning we met our driver who brought us to New Day (about an hour drive from our hotel). Being a weekend day, most of the office staff was off work - be we were able to meet Kevin, who gave us a tour and brought us to spend time with the younger children and babies, all of whom have pretty significant medical needs. We are purposely not showing images of the children's faces, but you can see more of these cuties on New Day's Instagram feed. :)

Canaan had the great idea before we left for China to bring his pump and balloons to make balloon animals for the children at New Day. We also brought with us all of the medical/supply donations that our wonderful church family donated, as well as a cash gift from a member of our church as well.

We had the best day playing with the children, who are just so adorable! It was so wonderful to see these children being cared for by these amazing nannies and such a loving atmosphere. The progress many of the children have made since coming to New Day is truly miraculous. We are praying for each one to find a loving family! If you would like to learn more about New Day, you can find them online at

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