Wednesday, June 6, 2018

China - Day 1 (Beijing)

Well, after over 24 hours of traveling, we have made it safely to Beijing! We took off from Cincinnati to Newark, than Newark to Beijing with no travel hiccups.

None of us were able to get much sleep (maybe 4 hours???) the night before our flight (which had us leaving home at 3:45am), and now we are basically pulling an all-nighter (it's 4pm here, but 4am back home), trying to beat this jet lag and be ready for touring Beijing with Canaan tomorrow morning. Our brains are complete mush, but we are so excited to finally be here in China and so close to our Ivy girl!

Canaan spotted the Statue of Liberty from the air, and once we landed we got an awesome view of New York from the airport. 

Almost there!

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