Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Almost time...

In less than 2 weeks my youngest little man will be off to preschool. It's so so good, but also I'm still in denial that this is happening.

The preschool open house is next week, but I took him to see the building and the playground today. I'm hoping that checking things out a little ahead of time will help ease any first day jitters. This boy is his own person. He's wild and brave with some things, and so reserved and nervous about other things. I wouldn't be surprised if preschool was the latter. He's pretty attached to his Momma.  ;)

This is the child I imagine walking into school... a 7lb 7oz baby boy!

"YEA! Someday I'll be such a big boy that I'll get to go to preschool!"

Sandbox digging

Track riding

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