Friday, August 21, 2015

My Littles

These two are thick as thieves and having so much fun together lately. They are constantly cracking us up. Lainey is so tall that she's almost as big as her brother. She's also talking so well and knows so much (her colors, numbers, letters, etc). It's easy to forget sometimes that she's over a year younger and still only two.

A couple of months ago we moved Ezra into the next class up at church, and he's struggling a bit. Before he was with Lainey and now he misses her. Every drop-off he cries (though it doesn't last long before he's off having fun) that he wants to be with Lainey. It's hard, but also so sweet. He's pretty attached to his baby sister. :)

One of many random hugs

"Mommy!" (with chocolate in her teeth)

"Come and FIND us!"

My little cuties. 

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