Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer School

We're about to kick-off Canaan's first "official" homeschool year, but we've really been going since the week we decided to go this wild route. This summer things were really laid back. For the most part we put aside the curriculum and just explored, practiced handwriting through letter writing (especially to Emme and Jackson), and had fun with art and music.

Canaan trying to identify a strange-looking bug he discovered.

Letter writing. "You are a good friend!"

Love his little quote bubbles

Learning note positions on the keyboard.

Morning art prompt

Love his concentration

He ended up making three of these as his bean plant grew, until he decided his plant was too tall to fit on the page.

Drawing Degas

Water play
Lego scale. I'm excited to start doing regular "lego lab" time with specific challenges this year.

Lainey, in a cape & jammies with light saber ready... practicing her letter sounds.

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