Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Just a Little Peace

This week I'm trying this crazy new fangled thing.

It's revolutionary.

I'm pretty sure it's the next big thing.

I'm getting up... earlier. than. my kids.

Note: why does it take me so long to see the value in things that most people already do?

I've gotten up every day this week at 7am. This, should not be a big deal. I know it shouldn't. Because so many moms get up at the crack of flippin' DAWN with their kids. But mine, they sleep. They sleep pretty awesome most nights, in fact. And they are almost never out of bed before 8am. So Momma usually sleeps into about then as well (unless we have to be somewhere).

2011 - Canaan hanging with me during bedrest

A little background... I have suffered the ridiculousness of insomnia since I was on bedrest with Ezra. Spending 4 months solid in my bed has messed up sleep for me to this day. For almost 4 years I have been struggling to get a good nights rest. And so, in the mornings, when I'm good and tired... it can be so tough to sacrifice quality sleep time. Even 10 minutes of it.

But I'm realizing that time alone, time in the quiet of my house before all the pitter pattering, is gold.

Time spent in God's word and in prayer, preparing my heart for the day... even better (it's so good).

And exercising (I never thought I'd say these words in. my. life.), icing on the cake. I have always been 100% unashamed about my absolute NON-desire to do any form of exercise. But I'm hearing more and more moms talk about the energy it gives them to work out in the morning (again, novel, right?!). So I'm thinking it's at least worth a try. Because with these three wild active babes of mine, I need every ounce I can get.

I'm hoping I still feel this way next week, but for now... it's changing my days so completely that I'm so hooked. I have been day dreaming this week not about going to bed, but of getting up early the next day.

And I'm feeling so much more able during the day. Even with things completely ramping up around here (getting ready to kick homeschooling back into high gear / sending the boys to school a couple days a week, a couple major volunteer projects, a construction project, 2 cars needing major work, our air conditioner breaking down, and work craziness (with school there starting back soon as well) I should be stressed.  But I just feel calm.

It's seriously so amazing what a half hour of quiet peace with God can do for my day.

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