Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This Boy

We have this... boy. And he is all. boy! He is silly and wild and wiggly, and just the sweetest little person. He is so unbelievably cuddly and affectionate - always asking to hold my hand, to sit next to me, for one more hug. "I want to hug you my Mommy!" Or out of the blue he'll snuggle up and say, "I wuv you my little Mommy."

He's also a total people person. We have to work a little on "stranger awareness" because to him, everyone is a new friend.

When we went recently to watch Canaan's last swim practice, we climbed the steps to the balcony to watch his big brother from above. He jumped up and down with excitement when he saw Canaan below and with a fist pumping in the air shouted, "YOU CAN DO IT, CANAAN!! YOU! CAN! DO IT!!". As lots of faces turned at this to smile and giggle at his adorable enthusiasm for his big brother, he noticed for the first time all of the other moms and dads and kids around him. He asked me, "I go say hi to my new friends, okay?!" He stayed close, but ran by every single person up there, waved, and said excitedly, "Hi! I Eswa!".

I mean, who wouldn't want to be his new friend. We think he's pretty awesome!

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