Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stricker's Grove

Just a couple of weeks after bringing Lainey home last year, our church had it's first annual amusement park night at a local place called Stricker's Grove. We weren't quite sure how Lainey might do in that environment with lots of people, so we were ready to make a quick exit if need be. But, instead, she did so so awesome - even going on some rides with a HUGE grin and showing us the first glimpse of her adventurous spirit.

Last night we went back again for year 2 and again had the best time.

I did this side-by-side of Lainey then and now where it nearly looks as though she is standing next to herself. It is completely blowing my mind how much she has grown in the past year.

Lainey on the ferris wheel with Mommy. This girl has NO fear!

Brave little feet

Canaan telling me about going on the big rollercoaster

Proving to me he's big enough
How this boy lives nearly every second


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  1. Not going to lie, preeeetty excited about the new blog! Love seeing these little faces :)