Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Breathe Deep

I cannot tell you how much I love the smell of the woods. I tried to get the kids to take notice of the clean fresh air, but they were pretty busy just steps into the trail - finding leaves and dirt and moss and nuts and so on...

Lainey is in a very independent stage. So often during our days we hear her tell us, "I do it!". This means some times mustering up some extra patience as she works it out on her own.

At one point during our walk this morning she came upon a little ditch and my mom-ness kicked in. I gave her a quick little boost over the obstacle. I got a look a lot like this one:

And then, she made her way back to BEFORE the ditch began and preceded to cross it "all by herself, thank you very much". Check out the joy on her face as she crossed the ditch...

These babies of mine are pretty cute, I must say!

We explored the woods until the boys found rebar and covered their hands in rust. Boo. 

So we started back. The littles made it about half-way up the trail before I started hearing requests from both, "up, Mommy!". 

And so I'm going to consider this my own version of Crossfit.

I let Canaan take a turn with the camera and I thought he did pretty good!

All in all a pretty good morning! We brought our very dirty selves to the library next, which I'm sure had people wondering if I ever bathe these three! 

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