Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grandma "Shew" & "W"

My parents have been living from house to house for the last few weeks, waiting for their summer rental home to open up. So, this weekend we were excited for our turn to spend the weekend with them. They came to visit and of course, I forgot to break out my camera until the last day.

These kids of mine love their Grandma "Shew" (Sue) and Papa John.

When I laid Lainey down for her lap on Saturday she kept crying and saying, "I wan (want) W." Ooookay? I finally figured it out later when she saw my Dad and with a smile shouted, "Hi W!". For some reason she thought "W" was a better name for him.

Lainey and "W"

This boy is a lesson in bravery for his Mommy!

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