Thursday, May 18, 2017

Three Years

Today marks 37 years for this momma. The not-so-secret thing about my birthday is that my favorite thing about it is that on this day, three years ago, a little girl was brought into a small conference room in Hangzhou, China - in the arms of her aya (nanny), who placed her into mine. And for the first time I laid eyes on this child of mine who we had on our hearts for years, long before she was born. And now, just like my newborn boys, this child who we had then only just met has become someone we can't imagine life or our family without.

Happy Gotcha Lainey Ru!  :)  You are amazing and we adore you baby girl!

Shortly after coming home

1st Gotcha Day

2nd Gotcha Day

3rd Gotcha Day

(She sees a lot of her brothers practicing baseball right now, lol Batter up baby girl!)

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