Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Chickens

Three weeks ago we welcomed 8 baby chicks to our little world. The first three, named by the kiddos, are Peck (Ezra's), Penny (Canaan's), and Ellie (Lainey's), and the rest we named of course after the cast of Hamilton... Hercules Mulligan, Angelica, Eliza, Theodosia, and Peggy. We're hoping for a nice steady production of eggs once they are mature. :)

Today they are three weeks old and it's 80 degrees outside... so we thought it was about time we introduced them to the world outside the brooder. We have two Isa Browns/Comets (known for -- I kid you not -- their cuddly nature), one Silver Laced, one Barred Rock, two Easter Eggers (known for their blue and green eggs), one Brahma (with feathery feet), one Speckled Sussex.

Our Isa Brown (Comet)... Peggy

My cuddly Peggy. She had just before climbed onto me and just about fell asleep. 

Theadosia - our little escape artist who HATES being held

Eliza taking flight

Angelica & Eliza

Penny, our biggest that we fear might be a rooster because of his size (we had a 90% certainty of all females)

All the single ladies!

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