Friday, August 19, 2016

The First Week

In a nutshell, our school days are broken into three main parts - our morning basket time, our inside work, and our afternoon time outside in nature. Nature time is absolutely one of my favorite things about following Charlotte Mason. We are so blessed to live on a little bit of land - we have so much to explore right outside in our own backyard.

We had such a wonderful and relaxed first week, and I am overwhelmingly thankful that we get to do this! :)

Uke Practice. We weren't good this summer about uke practice, so he's having to relearn a bit!

Spelling lists I'm finding are much more enjoyable for Canaan on a chalkboard or when he spells for me out loud.

Art and an exercise on using imagination. This was Canaan's "Underground Den" for ants. :)

Written narration usually has been happening so far during Lainey's naptime.
So far I've been giving the boys a few options on what to narrate from what we have learned that day. 

Weaving on Grandma Marie's loom.

The boys also had a chance to make "Viking bread" entirely on their own. :)

The first page of another written narration from Canaan. 

Viking's had picnics, right?! :)

Checking out a puffball mushroom that cropped up after the rain.

Puddle jumping!

Lainey is the ultimate mushroom spotter. She has a gift. :)

Emptying his boots. :)

Worms found in the mud. 

One of the little squiggliers. 

Picking blueberries

Pick and eat. Then repeat. 

Climbing trees.

And helping each other climb trees. 

Jumping from a tree branch!

Ezra's turn  jumping!

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