Friday, April 22, 2016

Purdue Spring Fest (Bug Bowl 2016)

This past weekend we took the kids up for their second trip to Purdue's Bug Bowl (Lainey's 1st visit). The weather was perfect, which meant a big crowd, but the day was so perfect. Lainey, who is quite terrified of even the most harmless of bugs (ladybugs in particular as they seem to enjoy our house quite a bit), got out one adorable brave finger to pet a caterpillar, a cockroach, and many other awesome creepy-crawlies. Canaan held a tarantula, and both boys got a chance to milk a cow. They got their sweet little faces painted. They climbed a tree. They got gelato from Greyhouse Coffee. They played in Memorial Fountain. It was a pretty epic day.

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