Friday, April 22, 2016

Peck the Duck

This week Ezra had a chance to bring home one of the baby ducks that have been growing at preschool. We brought home this little guy that Ezra had first named "little pecker" (because he "wikes to peck"), which was mercifully shortened to just "Peck".  :)

Ezra fell in love with little Peck, and kept asking if we could keep him. It was pretty adorable watching the little guy follow the kids around the yard. We only had a few precarious moments where I feared that we might not be bringing Peck back in one piece. At one point the boys were playing with Peck in the back yard, and I went in to lay Lainey down for her nap. Apppparently, the boys took that brief moment as an opportunity to show off our playground to Peck. They later shared with BJ how awesome it was when they sent Peck down the SLIDE and how he fell off the end (!!!!). But all is well - Peck managed to survive our crazy crew! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? So I guess little Peck is a pretty tough duck.

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