Saturday, July 4, 2015

65 Checkmarks

When the time came to break out the kid's bikes this spring, it became clear pretty quickly that Canaan had well outgrown his old bike. He definitely could use a bigger one to fit those growing legs of his. But with a birthday too far off, it didn't make sense to just give him something so big. We want to try our best to raise kids who are grateful, aware of how blessed we are, and don't just expect things to be handed to them.

So, we worked out a plan together with Canaan. First, we figured the cost of a new bike, and then he made up a chart with a checkbox for each $1 of the bike price.

And for the last month he's been working hard to earn every check. He's been doing a lot of extra chores, and he definitely earned this day! He's telling anyone who will listen about the new bike and how he worked really hard for it.

One of the sweetest things we didn't except is how excited Canaan would also be for Ezra to get a chance to ride his old bike. He has been so sweet and encouraging to Ezra and teaching him all about bike-riding!

This boy makes me smile.

Ready, set, GO!

Two BIG boys!

The ever important BELL.

Lainey's got a bit more growing to do until it's her turn!

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