Friday, January 8, 2016

The Christmas Uke

Once of Canaan's Christmas presents this year was a ukulele and lessons with his teacher Mr. Titus to go with it. He's been practicing a bit every day and getting familiar with it, but yesterday he had his first real lesson. He picked up so much so quickly (Mr. Titus is awesome)!

Because we (human beings, that is) learn so much through teaching, I try to encourage Canaan to teach (me or someone else) what he learns whenever possible. So he was quick to want to give me a little uke 101. He asked me to record his lesson "so that other people could learn too".  

There is so much of his sweet personality in these videos, and as I watch them I just keep thinking about how much he's changing and growing. It's such a blessing to witness every little transformation. :)

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