Friday, October 23, 2015


Ezra has a minion.

And her name... is Lainey.

This girl is completely under his big brother spell and he SOAKS up all her utter devotion. She is the first one she calls to come to his "rescue". And she does.

He calls to her, "HELP ME WAINEY!!", and with a stern face she scolds us for him ("Put ESRA down, Daddy! Stop tickling Esra wite. now!") as Ezra grins ear to ear. The other night after this scenario played out in our living room Ezra broke free from the "tickle monster" (Daddy) and he rushed to give Lainey a bear hug, "TANK YOU, Wainey!". She just smiles at him, jumps with glee, and then their off together hiding behind the couch and laughing as the "tickle monster" strikes again.

If I tell Ezra not to do something ("Ezra, please no more playing with the stuffing for Canaan's costume. You're making a mess."), Ezra will call on Lainey to do the dirty work for him (in a whisper, "Wainey, get da stuffing over der.").

The other day, I laid Lainey down for a nap and about five minutes later Canaan reported that Ezra was up there talking to her. I went up to shoo him out and discovered Lainey had covered herself, the walls, her crib, her sheets, her pillow... with marker. I, being the sick with pneumonia Momma that I am (read: steller parenting week), just turned the light back out, said goodnight and shut the door. Mess to be dealt with later.

About an hour... later Ezra asked for a marker to "make a picture" with a quite naughty little look in his eye. I told him do NOT bring the marker upstairs. He said he wouldn't and got out a paper to prove his innocence.

Flash to end of Lainey's nap. I go up there and find her happy as a clam with Ezra's marker and additional colored everything. He had somehow managed to sneak it up there, taking advantage of a sick mommy!

The are very cute. They are very very cute. And their bond is adorable.

But the are also very. big. stinkers.

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